• Why is my mini map enlarged suddenly?

    After creating a tour with a floor plan, you would capture and locate the first and second scenes.  These will be the standard for the rest of the scenes in this tour.


    After locating the first scene, it is necessary to move the proper distance, which is approximately 2 meter, and locate the second scene on the floor plan. It doesn't have to be exactly 2 m, but it must be positioned correctly according to the floor plan. 


    If you find this process difficult, we recommend you to capture without floor plan and upload it later.

  • What happens if I set height in the app different with the actual camera height?

    If the height you set in the app is different with the actual camera height, there is 2 possible option that can happen.


    1) Each scan points on the floor will not represent the real position. 

    The points will appear much higher than where they were supposed to appear. For example, instead of having points on the floor, they may appear in the middle of a wall or on a table.


    2) Virtual measurement might work incorrectly.

    When using virtual measurement in the viewer, the extracted measurement will be wrong.