• Getting started Web editor

    [Access to web editor]

    On YouVR website(http://youvr.io), you can access to web editor.




    Sign in with your Quicksite account.


    (1) Enterprise users must use login with the enterprise option. 

    (2) Enterprise users must put an enterprise ID. The enterprise ID is case sensitive, so make the accuracy fo the inputs.

    (3) Put the username or email registered to a group.

    (4) Put the user password.


    [Quicksite insite]

    Once you log in, you will see the Quicksite dashboard. 


    (1) PMS - Control panel to manage/view surveys at macro level

    (2) GMS - Admin panel to manage group and user activity

    (3) TOUR - Work panel to manage/view surveys at micro level



    Here is the tour dashboard layout below.


    (1) Projects are stored here while editing.

    (2) Projects are completed. 

    (3) Deleted projects are stored here for 30 days.

    (4) Create a new tour.

    (5) Project limit