• Upload a project

    Even if you download all 360 images from the camera, it doesn't mean you can see the projects on the web. Before uploading, all projects are only in the smartphone so projects should be uploaded to the server.


    Step 1. Click upload.



    Step 2. Set the cover image and the opening view of the project.



    Step 3. Put the title and address of the project.



    Step 4. Upload.

    • Uploaded tours can only be edited on web editor, but not in the app.
    • Tags are still editable in the app.


    Step 5. Once uploaded, the project status would be ‘Processing’. Processing time depends on several factors; the size of a project, network environment, smartphone, and etc. For 20 images, it roughly takes 8 minutes.  


    Step 6. Once processed, your tour will be shown as ‘updated’. 

    Tap the tour and click ‘Move To Done’ to finish. After the project is moved to done, it can't be edited.