• Add more 360 images on existing projects

    After you finish capturing the property and downloading images from 360 camera, you can still add more images to existing project unless it is an updated project.


    Preset before adding new images

    From the ‘To do’ list, select the project to edit and click ‘Edit Tour’.

    Tap on scan, and click mceclip6.png button.

    Align the 360 camera screen with your smartphone camera screen. (Click here to learn how to align cameras)


    Without a floor plan

    Once you enter draft tour, Quicksite 3D will automatically prompt you to calibrate your location using two previous spots. 


    Step 1. Select any spot to start.

    Selecting a spot will allow you to preview the scan. 



    Step 2. Position yourself at the same location. 


    Once you have walked to the same location, press mceclip2.png.


    Step 3. Select a second spot to calibrate your position.



    Step 4. Position yourself at the same location and press mceclip2.png



    Once two spots have been calibrated successfully, the next image is ready to be continued.



    With a floor plan

    For projects with a floor plan, you don’t have to calibrate your position, but you can simply locate yourself on the minimap.