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How to connect Ricoh Theta with the app

Most of the 360 camera is connected via Wifi network. Please be sure to open the Quicksite 3D App first with Wifi/Data connection and then proceed with the following steps.


Step 1. Press the power button on the side of camera and power on.

Step 2. Press the mode button to make sure that "Camera mode" is on, not the "Video mode".

Step 3. Press the Wireless button on the camera to turn the Wifi on. Check the Wifi lamp is blinking.

Step 4. Go to Wifi settings on your phone and search the network named “THETAYL00000000”.(numbers will vary)


Step 5. Input the password. The password of your RICOH Camera is the sequence of numbers after the network name.

Step 6. Make sure that Wifi lamp on Ricoh Theta is not blinking, but stay shining.

Step 7. Open the Quicksite 3D App.


You can also visit here to learn more about connecting ricoh theta.


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