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Things to follow for best outcomes


There are some conditions that should be set before starting to capture and during capturing the space with the Quicksite 3D app to get the best automatically created tour.


Set the camera height 

1) Set the camera above your head.  

The optimal condition is when the camera positioned in the center height of the room. For example, if the ceiling is 3.2 m than the camera at 1.6 m will work finest. 

However, considering the height of the shooter, you have to set the camera above your head(1.7 - 1.8m) so the camera lens won’t have anything blocked in front of it. The camera should be higher than the shooter, but should also have enough distance from the ceiling.


2) Input the actual height of the camera into Quicksite 3D app.

After you completed setting up the camera on a tripod, input the actual height of the tripod into the ‘camera height’ in Quicksite 3D app. 



Distance between two scenes 

1) Capture 360 photos every 2m to 3m apart. 


YouVR can connect each scene simply by detecting common feature points and mapping them directly onto a 3D model. If the scenes are taken too far apart from each other, our system cannot get the common feature points and will get the unnatural results.


2) When capturing 360 images, ensure that the line of sight between each scan is unblocked.

Try to capture the significant point on the path like real. 



3) Shoot more around the doorways.

For every doorway, capture one image approximately 1 m before the doorway, one image under the doorway and one image approximately 1 m after the doorway.



4) Avoid capturing too near to the walls or furniture.

It may affect to disturb detecting common points. Also, avoid taking pictures at the corners of the room.






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