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Overview of YouVR

YouVR provides a digitalizing solution with 360˚ 3D capturing service and platform for space. We empower everyone to create and share professional VR tours conveniently and quickly for better communication with people inside and outside of the company.


Getting started with YouVR

Here's a simple overview of the whole workflows and common features:

The Quicksite 3D App is the mobile application with which you will connect your 360 camera and create a new tour to capture the 3D image. When you walk through space with your smartphone and 360 camera, you will get the spaces calibrated on the floorplan automatically. The Quicksite 3D app supports only iOS at this point. 

The Web Editor and Viewer is where you can edit all your tours and view them whenever you want. It's a perfect tool to customize your own tours with industry-specific taggings and additional information about the space. 

The Group Management System(GMS) is a user management platform that enables you to overview all the activities of each member to every group under your projects and give access and authority regarding the level of users.

The Project Management System(PMS) is a total management platform covering all tours under projects. You can get insights into every single walkthrough that the projects have gone through, checking the basic information of the environments regarding your projects.




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