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Getting started with Project Management System

The Project Management System(PMS) is a total management platform covering all tours under projects. You can get insights into every single walkthrough that the projects have gone through, checking the basic information of the environments regarding your projects. 



Use the information in this article to learn about the basic knowledge to utilize PMS at the most effective level.


Purpose of the Project Management System

Project Management System enables admins to manage all the tours under the projects with abundant information related to them. It's for better communication over the space to optimize the collaboration from different parties outside or inside the company.


How to utilize 

1) Get information about the history of space/building

You can get extra but necessary information about the building/space related to the facility. It can be the knowledge base of the projects covering from when it started to be built and when it was built completely, to how many people are working in the building. 


2) Manage all projects located in different places

PMS works like an infinite portal to look through every project you have spread out in the world. You can set the view by continents, countries, regions, cities, and buildings and view the tours for the designated areas. 


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