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Getting started with Group Management System

The Group Management System(GMS) is a user management platform that enables you to overview all the activities of each member to every group under your projects and give access/authority regarding the level of users.


Get a quick overview of which process you have to go through to utilize the group management system.


Purpose of GMS

Group Management System enables each member at different levels to manage their group, member, and tours entirely and partially. It's rather for internal use in terms of managing groups of people who are involved in creating and/or maintaining a tour.  


How different the level is

The authority/access depends on each level of role. There are three main roles: supervisor, group admin, and member.


1) Supervisor

A supervisor manages all the group admins and members, so do their tours. It has access to every single user on the corporate server not only to create/remove their tours but also edit them in real-time. 

2) Group admin

Group admins have the authority to administrate its group member's tour. They can create, delete, and edit each and every member's tours and replace them from one another.

3) Member

Members can create and edit their tour just like they did on the web editor and viewer. Except for the management role(supervisor, group admin), there is almost no difference for normal users caused by the group management system.


Learn more about how to manage the members here.

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