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Set up with Quicksite 3D

Before you begin

Quicksite 3D app is only available on the testflight for now. Get an invitation from us via email and download the Quicksite 3D through the testflight app.


Set up with Quicksite 3D

After downloading the Quicksite 3D app, sign up with your Quicksite 3D account and follow the steps below to create a new project for getting started. 

Step 1. Open the Quicksite 3D app and sign in.

  • Put the given enterprise ID
  • All the inputs are case sensitive.


Step 2. Create a new project by pressing the plus button in the middle of the screen. Put the project name.


Step 3. Select the 360 camera.

Make sure that the Ricoh Theta is connected properly with Wifi settings. To learn how to connect the camera with a smartphone, click here. Quicksite 3D is compatible only with Ricoh Theta at this point.


Step 4. Select the shooting mode. You can select between auto mode and manual mode, and shooting mode can be changed during capturing.

  • Auto Mode: Scans are captured automatically when the countdown finishes. 
  • Manual Mode: Scans are captured when you press the capture button. 


Step 5. Set the camera height, the distance between capture points, and timer for the countdown. 

  • Camera height: Height from the ground to the camera lens. It’s important to keep this height consistent throughout your projects. 
  • Distance: Regular distance for every 360 images. Once you go further out of the safe distance, the app will notify you. We recommend capturing 360 images every 2m to 3m to get enough common feature points.
  • Timer: The app will take the next 360 image automatically as soon as it finished counting the seconds.


Step 6. Upload the floor plan if you have. Quicksite 3D can proceed both with or without a floor plan, so you can skip this step and upload later on the web dashboard.


Step 7. Align the camera view and smartphone view based on the centerline.

Tip) Make sure that target points are pointing at the same object.


Once finished, click OK to confirm.


Now you can start capturing with Quicksite 3D.

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